Yoga Classes We Offer

Blue Moon Hot Yoga Santa Fe offers Hot Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Restorative and Interval Flow yoga classes, as well as non-heated classes, suitable for both new and experienced students.

Hot Vinyasa Using a continuous flow framework, postures from different yoga lineages are sequenced together, emphasizing strength, flexibility, and breath. Regardless of your experience, come with a “beginner’s mind” and enjoy a good sweat!

The 60-Minute Slow Mo’ Hot Vinyasa Flow is a gentle flow of postures set to music. Perfect for beginners, beneficial for all levels.

Our 90-Minute Hot Vinyasa Flow class typically is a faster paced class that involves slightly more complex sequencing and offers more advanced postures. Endurance is key here while maintaining connection to breath to focus on form and presence.

Our 60-Minute Hatha Yoga class explores the objectives of Hatha Yoga, improving concentration, flexibility and energy. The class focuses on Hatha as “cikitsa’ – which means medicine, healing practice or therapy. Emphasis will be placed on regaining physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Our Warm Restorative class focuses on opening the body gently and slowly by holding postures for minutes at a time with the aid of props. This facilitates a release of the deep tissues of the body and promotes relaxation of the nervous system. Great for beginners or those working through injuries. All levels.

Our Yoga for Beginners class will enable you to build a solid foundation in preparation for the Vinyasa Flow classes. All are welcome

Bring a yoga mat, one large towel (two if taking a heated class and shower afterwards) and water (no glass containers, please). Be well hydrated and have an empty stomach.


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Blue Moon Hot Yoga Santa Fe, NM
* denotes non-heated classes

Monday          6:30a, 9a, 6:15p

Tuesday          6:30a, 9a, 5p, 6:15p

Wednesday     6:30a, 10:30a*, 6:15p

Thursday        6:30a, 9a, 5p, 6:15p

Friday             6:30a, 9a

Saturday         8a, 9:30a, 11:15a

Sunday            9a,

For class descriptions, go to Schedule page calendar and click on class times.
Doors open 30 min. before most classes. Doors open 15 min. before the 6:30am classes and any *non-heated classes.

(505) 795-7778