Healing with Shea

About “Healing with Shea“

shea-photo3Shea has worked in the area of alternative healing for many years as a massage therapist and energy worker. Much of what she’s been able to accomplish as a bodyworker has come about by the desire and need to heal her own physical injuries and imbalances. During the last several years, her healing journey has taken her deeper into the realm of consciousness to directly address and transform the darkness and pain that block her ultimate realization of Self.

Part of her inner awakening has been a recognition and application of her own natural healing ability during her work with clients. She happily shares this gift through silent hands-on healing and through inner journey work, an interactive process.


“Shea Rollins does amazing work and achieves quick results! I was weak and shaky one day and a half-hour phone session with her had me back to normal. I was unusually overcome with allergies and a 10-minute in-person session with Shea had me un-stuffed and focused. She is extremely caring and provides a very comfortable environment. I recommend her to anyone who has tried everything and is finally looking for a solution.” Victoria Lang, Santa Fe, NM

“It is possible! For 12 years I had been holding onto a low-grade anger directed toward my former & deceased spouse who left unfinished business for my son and me to clean up. I tried to forgive him, but the best I could do was to freeze my memory of him. Recently I decided I needed help to free up this memory. With Shea’s assistance, we did inner journey work by interacting directly with my spouse’s spirit in order to help him release some of the pain/burdens he had been carrying. This process shifted my anger and I saw my spouse in a different light. In fact, he became a Being of a thousand lights – like a cluster of tiny sparkling diamonds, intensely radiating in all directions. It was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever witnessed. In that moment, the old memory transformed to a ‘love’ that opened a space in my heart once frozen shut. This inner journey work with Shea is phenomenal!” Linda Pardo, Albuquerque, NM

“I have gone to Shea with intense carpal tunnel pain. After one session the pain was almost gone. After two, it was completely gone! It has been over a year now and it has not recurred. She is amazing!”  Alexis McNaughton, Santa Fe, NM

“I love my pets (2 dogs, 4 cats) but have been dealing with pet allergies all my adult life. Sick and tired of taking medications I turned to Shea. She is remarkable. Clearing the allergies from my body. Now I am a Very Happy Pet Owner! Thank you Shea.”  A.B., Eldorado, NM

HEALINGS:  30 minutes  $50

INNER JOURNEY WORK:  55 minutes  $100

Contact Shea @ 505-920-1670 or shearollins@mac.com